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  1. My diagnosis of COPD was confirmed with a a breathing test called spirometry.

  2. I understand my COPD. My doctor or nurse has explained where to find information, advice and emotional support (if I need it).

  3. I get support to manage my care, and have agreed a written plan with my doctor or nurse about how I will manage my COPD.

  4. I contact my GP, nurse or pharmacist to get a free flu vaccination each year. I have also had the one-off pneumonia jab.
    You can get a flu vaccination from your GP, nurse or pharmacist from October.

  5. If I smoke, I am offered support and treatment to stop every time I meet my doctor or nurse about my COPD.

  6. I know the importance of keeping active and eating well.

  7. I have discussed pulmonary rehabilitation.

  8. I have received advice about ongoing exercise and nutrition.

  9. I know what all my medicines and inhalers are for and when to take them. I ask my doctor, nurse or pharmacist if I’m not sure.

  10. My health care professional reviews how I use my inhaler at least once a year. I ask my pharmacist if I have questions.

  11. I can spot the signs of a flare-up. This is sometimes called an exacerbation and can be the start of a chest infection.

  12. If I have a flare-up, I know who to contact at any time and what medicines to take. I have these medicines at home.

  13. I see my nurse or doctor at least once a year to review my health, my care and my treatment, and have time to discuss all the points mentioned previously.

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